About us

Wendy Blume and Vegie Smugglers


'Vegie Smugglers' started in 2010, as a blog dedicated to recipes and feeding tips for parents of picky eaters. Based on her own experiences of feeding two fussy kids, Wendy Blume posted snippets of life and easy-to-cook recipes that soon built a loyal following.

The first cookbook was published in hardcopy in 2011, a second in 2012 and more have followed, each focusing on cooking for kids in ways that help them develop a love of healthy eating.

After selling out five print-runs, the books are now only available as digital e-cookbooks. With the dominance of devices, digital books have the advantage of being cheaper to buy, more enduring to own and kinder to the planet.

The original blog survives, although Wendy has stepped back into her graphic design career now that her own children have grown into vegetable-loving tweens. All the original ideas, tips and recipes are still there - www.vegiesmugglers.com.au

New recipes are posted on the the Vegie Smugglers Facebook page, which unites nearly 100,000 people who have joined the mission to get their families eating well.